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The original Blockbuster Summer logo.

Blockbuster Summer is a special run of comedy web series Honest Trailers that focuses of parodying blockbuster movies both old and new. The first Blockbuster Summer ran during Season 13 (from May to August 2019)

Blockbuster Summer was conceived of so that the Honest Trailers writing team had could satirize many older, highly requested movies that they otherwise had no reason to do. The first episode of 2019 Blockbuster Summer was The Mummy (1999), released to coincide with the film's 20th anniversary.

Format Edit

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The second blockbuster summer logo is more reddish.

Blockbuster Summer episodes have an identical format to regular Honest Trailers. Their only difference is an introductory title card that shows popcorn piling up on the screen. The Blockbuster Summer title card was designed to resemble the corporate logo of the Blockbuster video rental store, which was successful in the 1990's and early 2000's. This reference creates nostalgia for the older movies selected during the run of episodes.

Partway through the run, Screen Junkies changed the color of the title to make it more reddish. The writers hinted that this was order to distinguish it from the actual Blockbuster Video logo after an intellectual property complaint.

Writing Edit

In the Honest Trailers Commentary for Braveheart, the writers said they found Blockbuster Summer episodes particularly fun to write. Dan Murrell said "It's fun to do this one. I like these summer ones. They're fun." While Joe Starr said "I feel renewed in a way that we haven't in a while" and "This has given us an opportunity to just do a bunch of random stuff that we wouldn't do otherwise."

In addition, the writers stated that Blockbuster Summer made their work easier compared to their usual SEO tactic of trend surfing. Danielle Radford said "It's nice to get to go back and not only to do these, but we're not always chasing release dates, which is great and fun and we like it, but sometimes it's nice to get more time to breathe." Joe Starr agreed, saying, "Release date chasing it does hurt sometimes, especially in the first quarter of the year."

List of Blockbuster Summer episodes Edit

Movie / TV Show Date Uploaded
The Mummy (1999) 7 May 2019
Speed 14 May 2019
Braveheart 21 May 2019
Men In Black 28 May 2019
Con Air 4 June 2019
Waterworld 25 June 2019
Wild Wild West 2 July 2019
Batman Returns 23 July 2019
Masters of the Universe (1987) 13 August 2019
500 Days of Summer 20 August 2019
Godzilla: King of the Monsters 27 August 2019
Twister 3 June 2020
The Fifth Element 9 June 2020
Shrek 2 16 June 2020
A Goofy Movie 23 June 2020
The NeverEnding Story 30 June 2020
Indiana Jones Trilogy 7 July 2020
The Rock 14 July 2020
Cowboy Bebop 21 July 2020
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 28 July 2020
Starship Troopers 4 August 2020

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