Bayonetta is the 190th episode of the comedy web series Honest Game Trailers. It was written by Andrew Bird, Max Song & Spencer Gilbert. It was narrated by Jon Bailey as Epic Voice Guy. It parodies the action-adventure hack and slash video game Bayonetta. It was published on March 6, 2018. Bayonetta was originally published on Smosh Games, but is currently available on Fandom Games. It has been viewed over 1 million times.

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"Blazing action, fetish fanservice, and straight up sacrilege, that would give the ‘games are bad for kids’ people an instant hate-gasm if they ever heard of it." ~ Honest Game Trailers - Bayonetta


From the makers of insane anime action, comes game so over-the-top, it gets all the way to second base.


Engorge yourself on the frenetic action of the Bayonetta series, a daring mash-up of Devil May Cry and softcore pornography. Starring a tittie witch with hair for clothes, that gets naked to do special moves, who spends most of the game strapping literal angels to torture devices and spanking them to death. In an experience that's equal parts blazing action, fetish fanservice, and straight up sacrilege, that would give the ‘games are bad for kids’ people an instant hate-gasm if they ever heard of it, but has somehow still become core Nintendo franchise. Oh, so this is fine, but my erotic Wario series was inappropriate for the Miiverse, hypocrites.

Step into the fabulous footwear of Bayonetta, a lanky British witch with a penchant for poses and public executions, and get ready to S&M your way through heaven and hell, as you join up with a cast of goofy characters and annoying children to savagely murder the bizarre guardians of Paradiso and stop them from creating a new god or something, through a series of sublimely ridiculous and barely justified set pieces. In a storyline that's as incomprehensible as it is totally awesome. I don't know what's goin' on, but I know that it's great!

Demolish your foes with Bayonetta's insane combat mechanics, as you balance different weapons on your hands and feet, slow time with split-second dodges and summon demons from the depths of hell to unleash devastating climax attacks in insane and challenging battles that will push your skills to the limit and leave you feeling like a badass -- until the game immediately reminds you how much you suck at it. Aww, come on! I'm that guy?

Discover the strange twists and turns in Bayonetta's gameplay, from special sequences that will have you solving puzzles, driving motorcyles, doing ugh escort missions, and that one part of the first game where they just make you play Space Harrier for like 10 minutes, to the brutal challenge rooms and witch trials mode where you'll have to win fights in 10 seconds with only your pinky, as Bayonetta dishes out the savage beating its naughty, naughty players deserve. 'Cause if there's anything the Bayonetta fans have in common, it's definitely masochism.

So cock those high heels and get ready to climax in a titillating experience that will leave your aroused with some of the breast combat around and action that will erect a timeless monument in gamers' memories. I guess what I'm trying to say is boobs.

Starring: Don't Mess With the Weave (Hellena Taylor as Bayonetta); Luigi (Grey DeLisle as Jeanne); Poor Ardyn (Yuri Lowenthal as Luka Redgrave); Rodan in the Money (Dave Fennoy as Rodin); Joe Pesci (Chick Vennera and John Kassir as Enzo); Mini Me (Joy Jillian as Cereza); Yugioh (Mark Daugherty as Loki, the Sovereign One); Daddy Kafka (Grant Albrecht as Father Balder); and All These Bosses' Weird Baby Faces (Angels of Paradiso).

Fifty Shades of Grayonetta

BAYONETTA (Honest Game Trailers) Open Invideo 3-19 screenshot

The honest title for Bayonetta was '50 Shades of Grayonetta.'

I still can't believe they put Bayonetta in Smash Bros. and she's not even the sexiest character!

[Clip of the Wario Waft a.k.a fire farts]

Oh yeah, that's the stuff!


Honest Game Trailers - Bayonetta has a 98.7% approval rating from YouTube viewers. Robert Workman of said it was "a great Honest Trailer" and was "just as naughty as you guess it would be." Workman highlighted the video's many digs about the game's characters, weapons and gameplay.

Production creditsEdit

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Executive Producers: Matt Raub and Spencer Gilbert

Episode Written by: Andrew Bird, Max Song & Spencer Gilbert

Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey


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