DOOM Eternal is the 274th episode of Fandom Games' comedy series Honest Game Trailers. It was written by Max Song, Andrew Bird, and Spencer Gilbert. It parodies the first-person shooter video game Doom Eternal. It was published on April 28, 2020. It has been viewed over 300,000 times.

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In a time of great uncertainty and chaos, one man will rise to rescue humanity from the brink once again by doing what he does best: shoving his boot all the way up Hell's ass, and this time, you'd better bring your Dramamine. Oh man, I'm gonna hurl...

Doom Eternal

Chainsaw your way into another rocket-propelled gore orgy -- a "gorgy", if you will -- in the sequel to the actually good Doom reboot that everyone thought was impossible to pull off, and watch as id Software slathers a whole new layer of intensity and mechanics on top of the old ones that will force you to engage with the new systems or get turned into paste in a matter of seconds, as every engagement devolves into a desperate struggle for health, armor, and ammo that you'll have to saw, punch, or flamethrower out of enemies, and flitter around the map like a fairy made of hate in search of the next demon's candy-colored guts, in a gameplay experience that's less about the fantasy of being an unstoppable killing machine and more about doing emergency self-care with a shotgun, that somehow also became one of the weirdest hybrid memes just because it came out at the same time as Animal Crossing. (shows pictures relating to the Doom/Animal Crossing crossover meme) I guess even Doomguy needs to unwind after the mass demon extinction. Completely relatable.

Discover the bizarre choices id made with Doom Eternal's storyline, that leaves behind the understated hints at a larger universe that powered its predecessor for a full-on Doom Cinematic Universe that rivals the other DCU in edgelord darkness...


...with a new cast of antagonists, several fictional races with funny names to learn...

Betrayer: --find the Khan Maykr--

Khan Maykr: --way of Urdak's progress--

Samuel Hayden: You can use the Maykrs' Argent factory in the hell-city of Nekravol to pass through the void.

...insane fantasy cities to visit, your dope-ass floating Paladin castle ship, and an elaborate backstory for the Doomguy that it seems to be taking seriously while at the same time showing his epic guitar collection and letting you dress him up in meme costumes, all playing out across so many cutscenes, even the protagonist seems pretty bored with it all.

Deag Grav: If Sentinel holy blood is spilled on these grounds... you will--

Look, 95% of the fanbase couldn't give a single sh*t about this; just let me know why Doomguy's still mad and make with the shooty!

Explore the intricate twists and turns of Eternal's map design, as the new game replaces the original's darker "future facility" aesthetic with a more colorful and arcadey romp through a variety of ludicrous setpieces filled with glowing intractable spots, that you'll swing around like an Olympic gymnast as you parallel-bar your way through the level, as you combine it with a dash to smash yourself into the next Uncharted wall to climb, just to miss it by a tiny hair and plummet to your... well, doom, in greatly-expanded first-person platforming that caused them to design half the combat arenas like elaborate jungle gyms, or backing yourself into a corner and losing, like, four lives as demons do the "Night at the Roxbury" thing to you. (the "Marauder" sends the "Doom Slayer" crashing into other dancers)

Conquer the greatest challenges Eternal has to offer as you face off against brutal bosses that take an immense amount of punishment, then show up in regular encounters later because f*ck you, like the Doom Hunter, who's basically just a demon tank; the Archvile, who lives up to his Doom II heritage by just being a real dick; and the demon that launched a thousand think pieces (multiple articles pop up detailing the writers' frustration with the Marauder), the Marauder, a shielded asshole that forces you to drop everything you're doing and duel with him like he slapped you with a white glove, and will casually destroy you if you don't fight him in a specific way after you shoot his stupid demon dog a million times, in a controversial shift in the "mow everything down with the chainsaw" gameplay that probably wasn't made any more popular by that challenge where they give you, like, thirty seconds to kill one. Oh, you wanted your ammo back after failing? (in a heavy Russian accent) You are adorable, like little baby!

So cock that Super Shotgun and get ready to get gamer mad, as Doom Eternal rips and tears you a brand-new asshole with a confused mishmash of new ideas that hit and miss in equal measure, but with plenty of that 2016 Doom under the hood to keep it from straying too far from the light. I mean, you feed this guy his own heart again; that's basically a Doom tradition!

Starring: The Walking Dead (Zombie); Call of Kablooie (Soldier); BBQ Imp (Imp); Goregoyles (Gargoyle); Deepthroat (Cacodemon); Krang (Arachnotron); Put a Shirt On For God's Sake (Carcass); Mooobbbs (Mancubus); Demon Belmont (Whiplash); Up In That Ass (Dread Knight); Slippery Boys (Prowler); One in the Stink (Pinky); The Rockettes (Revenant); Spawn Camping (Archvile); Citizen Kane (Dave Boat as Doom Hunter); This Guy Comes Up and Slaps Your GF's Ass, What Do You Do? (Edward Bosco as Marauder); Donate Tokens For More Time (Tyrant); Some Characters from the Story You Didn't Pay Attention To [Totally Ignored] (Kyle Chapple as The Betrayer, Nika Futterman as Khan Maykr, Jason Spisak as Deag Ranak); and Electric Devastation Carnival (Matthew Waterson as The Doom Slayer, in the Doomicorn costume).

Okay, Doomer


The honest title for DOOM Eternal was 'Okay, Doomer.'

Oh! Yeah, there's also a multiplayer mode. It's better than the last time, I guess. Maybe in the third game, people will actually care.

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Say, "Gun skills are effective against those that are weak to guns." - Richard Briesch

Continue it with :"Steel is my body and fire is my blood" - Seino

Please say : "We All Make Mistakes In The Heat Of Passion Jimbo - Jay Vedor

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Honest Game Trailers - DOOM Eternal has a 93.1% approval rating from YouTube viewers.

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Honest game trailers doom eternal

Written by: Max Song, Andrew Bird and Spencer Gilbert

Edited by: Max Song

Production Coordinator: Ryan O'Toole

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