Destiny is the 18th episode of the comedy web series Honest Game Trailers. It was written by Matt Sohinki, Joshua Ovenshire, David Moss, Matt Raub, Spencer Gilbert, Michael Adams Davis, and Michael Schroeder. It was narrated by Jon Bailey as Epic Voice Guy. It parodies the online multiplayer first-person shooter video game Destiny. It was published on October 4, 2014. Destiny was originally published on Smosh Games, but is currently available on Fandom Games. It has been viewed over 7 million times.

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"The video game equivalent of beautiful mansion full of cheap Ikea furniture" ~ Honest Game Trailers - Destiny


The storytelling of Halo, the scope of World of Warcraft, and the cooperative fun of Borderlands... may eventually get patched in. But until then, prepare for gaming's hottest 7 out of 10.


Play through the video game equivalent of beautiful mansion full of cheap Ikea furniture. In an MMO with barely any social features, multiplayer shooter with zero matchmaking, and single player game full of casual content. But if you can stick around for the long haul, this FPS MMORPG promises to fix all of its problems with three lucrative letters: DLC! Cha-ching!

Become a guardian of the galaxy. No. No, not the cool ones with the personalities. These guys. Featuring three races that make zero difference, and three classes that make a slight difference once every few minutes. Explore the solar system with an even smaller version of Peter Dinklage in a worse performance by a good actor since Bill Murray phoned it in for Ghostbusters.

Try to get excited for a completely bored Tyrion Lannister as he delivers exposition. [Long, boring Peter Dinklage info dump speech]. I can't skip this?! (Sighs) [Exposition continues]. As you guard him while he does something. And...! Yeah, that's about it. Sorry Dinkle-bot. You kinda suck.

Embark on a single player campaign about protecting a sick magical space orb. And if for some reason you want to know more about that dumb story, unlock the full tale by collecting special cards, quitting the game, logging onto, and reading through page after page of background lore. He-he-he! Seriously?! No one's gonna do that!

Experience the real game once your guardian reaches level 20. Where you'll go from battling the forces of evil to battling the forces of the loot system's random number generation. Where getting the best items doesn't depend on your skill or the toughness of your enemies, or the game's own f***ing color-code for how good its own f***ing items are. Green?! What the f***?! I don't care if they're gonna patch it or not! How did any of this make it past the beta?! F*** you cryptarch! Ugh!

So join me on the bandwagon, as everyone bitches and moans about a game we still can't stop playing. Full of stunning visuals, amazing music, and addicting gameplay. But when your game costs more than most countries GDP to develop [Headline: Activision is Spending $500 Million on Destiny], you better at least let me trade items with other players! How hard is that to put in from the start! F***!

Starring: The Covenant (The Fallen); The Flood (The Hive); Brutes (The Cabal); Cortana (Peter Dinklage and Nolan North as Ghost); and Master Chief ("The Young Wolf").

DESTINY (Honest Game Trailers) Cannot transcribe this video 3-12 screenshot

The honest title for Destiny was 'Border Halo-Lands of Warcraft Online.'

Border Halo-Lands of Warcraft Online

Whoo-hoo! Whee! Man, I have no idea why I'm still playing this!!! ["Hooked on a Feeling" plays]

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Honest Game Trailers - Destiny has a 96.4% approval rating from YouTube viewers. Sam Prell of Engadget called the video "chuckle-worthy." Owen S. Good of Polygon said it was "brutally honest." He also wrote that the Honest Game Trailer "goes HAM on Destiny's underwhelming reviews, byzantine loot system and phoned-in expository dialogue, but makes zero mention of the Loot Cave phenomenon. Even if it's been patched out, you have to think that's a missed opportunity. Ultimately, yes, everyone is 'bitching and moaning about a game they still can't stop playing.' Give it to Smosh Games, like a skilled roaster, they know how to punch up even when they'd seem to be punching down."

Chris Pereira of Game Spot said the video "speaks the truth about Destiny, and wrote "Like other Honest Game Trailers, this one presents the game without any of the marketing fluff that (expectedly) fills those released by Activision. It's all very snarky (it's trying to make you laugh, after all), but it does highlight many of the points that players have been making over the past month, such as missions so often boiling down to protecting your companion while he does something."

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Executive Producers: Andy Signore and Smosh

Directed by Spencer Gilbert

Episode Written by Matt Sohinki, Joshua Ovenshire, David Moss, Matt Raub, Spencer Gilbert, Michael Adams Davis, and Michael Schroeder

Edited by Spencer Agnew

Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey

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