Link's Awakening is the 247th episode of Fandom Games' comedy series Honest Game Trailers. It was written by Max Song, Andrew Bird, and Spencer Gilbert. It parodies the remake of the action-adventure video game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It was published on October 22, 2019. It has been viewed over 400,000 times.

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Uh... I guess spoilers, even though this game came out in 1993? Look, it's not my fault you were born too late!

In a world full of complicated narratives and 40-hour epics, take a step back to a simpler time, when the entire story of a game could be summarized in one simple phrase: "What the hell is up with this egg whale?!"

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Revisit one of the most beloved Zelda games that used to be the hardest to go back to -- because even at the time, no one thought this looked good -- as Nintendo slaps a 21st-century spit-shine on it, complete with excellent new music, sound effects, and fresh visuals that make it look like a bunch of Funko Pops shot with a tilt-shift lens, plus a map that stretches all the single-screen rooms of the overworld into a cohesive whole, in an entry that recaptures the nostalgia of the Game Boy era without making you carry around AA batteries and a lamb. The downside? Now the game runs like absolute ass sometimes. I love the smell of progress in the morning... <sniff>

Don the signature green tunic of Zelda once again -- er, sorry, I mean, "Mr. Zelda" -- where you'll wake up stranded on the shores of the mysterious Koholint Island, a land of magic, monsters, and Nintendo licensed characters, as you guide the intrepid hero to wake the sleeping Wind Fish while being constantly reminded that this is all a dream, and if you succeed, the whole island will disappear, in a surprisingly crushing twist for an early Nintendo title that would even make Yoko Taro smile from behind his horrible moon mask. Now, try playing this thing when you're eight. Oh, you thought the animal village was cute, huh, little Timmy? Well, now it's time to take them all behind the shed! <CH-CHKK!> <BLAM!>

Slice bushes one more time as your favorite timeless elfin avatar, and enjoy a Zelda straight out of the Link to the Past mold, as you explore the island section by section until you are gated by needing the very specific tool you get at the dungeon you have to go to, and have to do an obscure trading quest or enter one of the federally-mandated eight dungeons to progress. Then, do some light puzzle-solving involving the one item you get in the dungeon, figure out the one trick to the boss, and repeat until it's dead, in a gameplay loop so familiar, it feels like being tucked into bed and kissed on the forehead. Zelda: making you feel accomplished for doing kindergarten block puzzles since 1986.

Explore all that Koholint Island has to offer, and wring every last drop out of what is essentially still a Game Boy game by discovering all the Pieces of Heart, Fairy Fountains, and secret dungeons; playing all the minigames, even the annoying claw machine one; destroying the land in search of seashells like some sort of topiary maniac; assisting the locals, like this goat lady who wants to catfish this poor old Sims guy; or even trying out one truly new thing they added to the game: Dampé's dungeon remixes, where you'll get the opportunity to take rooms you've beaten in previous dungeons and mash them up to make brand-new ones to... extend your playtime, I guess...? It's definitely not fun, unless you have JRPG protagonist amnesia or CTE or something; then they're new puzzles every time!

So excuuuuuse that princess and get ready to rock out with your ocarina out, in an extremely straightforward classic Zelda that looks, feels, and sounds like a carefree summer's day... as long as you don't think about the implications of your actions single-handedly deciding the fate of everyone you formed a bond with, snuffing them out carelessly like candles in the wind. (Manbo teaches Link "Manbo's Mambo") Oh, I love this song!

Starring: Wingull (Marin); Is That a Sword or Rauru Happy to See Me? (The Owl); Kirkland Brand Mario (Tarin); Luigi (Henhouse Keeper); Chain Chomp (BowWow); Happy Salesman (Shopkeeper); Old Saint Social Anxiety (Old Man Ulrira); Animal Farm (Chef Bear and Hippo Model); Tiles from the Crypt Keeper (Dampé); King K. Roak (Mamu); Lou Bega Fish (Manbo); Sin (The Wind Fish); and Zelda (Link).

The Legend of Link's Ambien


The honest title for Link's Awakening was 'The Legend of Link's Ambien.'

Look, you can even still steal from the shopkeeper! Aaaaand get vaporized. I... totally forgot about that part.

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Honest Game Trailers - Link's Awakening has a 95.0% approval rating from YouTube viewers.

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Honest game trailers links awakening

Written by Max Song, Andrew Bird, and Spencer Gilbert

Edited by Max Song

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