Luigi's Mansion 3 is the 257th episode of Fandom Games' comedy series Honest Game Trailers. It was written by Max Song, Andrew Bird and Spencer Gilbert. It parodies the action-adventure video game Luigi's Mansion 3. It was published on December 31, 2019. It has been viewed over 200,000 times.

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When there's a house full of ghosts that need to be busted, when your old-fashioned ghost hunters just can't be trusted, who ya gonna call? ...Mario's brother?

Luigi's Mansion 3

Return to the least likely Nintendo franchise since the Mario & Sonic Olympics games, where everyone's favorite lanky coward is cursed to confront his darkest fears by sucking up a bunch of the world's least scary poltergeists with his trusty vacuum cleaner, in yet another enormous mansion filled with more ghosts than the A&E Channel. (shows a clip from Ghost Adventures)

Explore the most haunted hotel since the Overlook, as Luigi and friends uncritically accept an invitation to stay in some five-star luxury suites that, in a surprise to literally no one except the characters, turns out to be a devious trap for King Boo to turn the Mario Bros. into tasteful portraiture as revenge for the previous games' events, that kind of loses the whole "hotel" theme pretty quickly as you travel to increasingly elaborate floors with less realistically hospitality-focused uses, except maybe the mall. But this place has got a movie studio and a Medieval Times in it! I'd stay here even with the ghosts!

Unleash Luigi's considerable toolkit on your spectral puzzle problems, from his trusty vacuum that you'll use to suck up hundreds of ghosts -- and more importantly, to absolutely destroy anything and everything around you in search of filthy hard cash -- to his flashlight that reveals invisible stuff -- which, thankfully, isn't the solution to every single puzzle this time -- and his new gelatinous companion, Gooigi, a disgusting blob of ectoplasm shaped in a cruel mockery of Luigi's form that you sh*t out of a backpack to help you tag-team difficult challenges or even do co-op. It's like the 2019 version of giving your friend the Mad Catz controller.

Blow your way through Luigi's Mansion's serviceable combat, where each ghost has a new gimmick to figure out before blinding them, slamming them repeatedly into the floor, and sealing them away for eternity in your dust-bag. Then, take on the many bosses of the mansion in more elaborate battles, where the challenge becomes less about fighting the ghosts and more about fighting the controls, as you either struggle with the weird tank controls of the standard setup or use the motion controls to aim vertically, which works better, but makes you look like a weirdo on the bus, in frustrating battles that really push the limits of a system mostly designed for slow puzzling and exploration. And no spoilers or anything, but the final boss can EAT MY ENTIRE ASS!

So grab that Poltergust and get ready to suck and blow your way through another endearing adventure, in the world's most relaxing horror series, and that goes double if you are the sort of person that just wants to watch the world burn. Look, Luigi's just very stressed... He needs this.

Starring: It Ain't Easy Being Green (Luigi); Mario is Missing (Mario); Portrait Peach (Princess Peach); Mr. Stool (Toad); Spooky Sparky (Polterpup); This Creepy Ass Baby Man (Professor Elvin Gadd); GILF (Hellen Gravely); That's A Biiiiiiig Boo (King Boo); and A Giga-Gaggle of Ghosts (Boss Ghosts).

Grabbed by the Ghoulies 3


The honest title for Luigi’s Mansion 3 was 'Grabbed by the Ghoulies 3.'

You know it's a fancy hotel when there's gold bars just lying around under seat cushions and stuff; it's like Oprah's hotel.

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Please say: "If two lizards are named billy, and the grocery store is having a sale on apples on Wednesday, then explain why some people pour the cereal in the bowl after the milk." - Brendan Lafferty

Say: Chickens are Geese in a red hat. - Finn Collins

Say, "I'm never going to give you up. ... But will you let me down?" - DragoSonicMile

Please say: "Waffles are just pancakes with abs" - Purple 890

Please say: "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" - Alexander Delaconte

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Honest Game Trailers - Luigi's Mansion 3 has a 95.9% approval rating from YouTube viewers.

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Written by Max Song, Andrew Bird, and Spencer Gilbert

Edited by Max Song

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