Mega Man Zero is the 270th episode of Fandom Games' comedy series Honest Game Trailers. It was written by Max Song, Andrew Bird, and Spencer Gilbert. It parodies the action-platform video game series Mega Man Zero. It was published on March 31, 2020. It has been viewed over 200,000 times.

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In a world where brutal platformers have become their own genre, where half the fun is watching people go insane playing them on Twitch, get ready to experience one of the OG platformers that brought gamers to tears way before it was cool.

Mega Man Zero

Buster into Mega Man Zero, the handheld-exclusive spin-off series from the already kind-of spin-off series Mega Man X, that looks like it's been through the Shonen Jump-ifier, but actually ramps up the difficulty so high, it makes its predecessor look like Mighty No. 9, using its adorable chibi art style to lull you into a false sense of security before ripping you a new orifice, in a series that probably did lasting psychological damage to its fans. Now I can only enjoy video games while crushing my balls in a vise! <grunting> Thanks, Mega Man Zero!

Slice your way through the frenetic gameplay of Zero that takes the titular sidekick character from the X series and throws him in solo, forcing you to Z-Saber your way through the hordes of robot enemies instead of shooting them from a safe distance, and master the many unique sub-weapons that you obtain throughout your battles, despite the fact that they're all less effective than just shivving everything with your sword. Then, discover the bevy of different systems layered on top that allow you to: change form for upgraded specs and fun new colors; EX Skills that give you directional moves like you're playing Street Fighter; and the Elf system that lets you mix and match Cyber Elves with different effects, some of which you can only use once, which is like if Pikachu died immediately if he ever used Thunderbolt, in a bunch of responsive gameplay systems that really make you feel like you're a badass samurai robot as you slice your enemies apart and watch them split two seconds later in exactly the best dumb way you've come to expect.

Kenshiro: Omae wa mō shindeiru. (You are already dead.)

Zeed: Nani?! (What?!)

Uncover the surprisingly dark tone of Mega Man Zero's storyline, that takes place 100 years after the events of Mega Man X, as an energy crisis instigates a Reploid genocide and they're hunted down to keep human cities afloat, in a thinly-veiled metaphor for eugenics that this game is going to lean all the way into, as Zero is awakened from his slumber to repel the systematic disassembly of innocent robo-people with the help of the human scientist Ciel and her rebel forces, where they must navigate through environmental crises, authoritarian tyranny, and existentialism the only way a Mega Man knows how: by destroying robot bosses four at a time and eventually beating up an old man.

So take out that saber and get ready to mash that wall-jump, in the last great stylish 2D scrolling jamboree for one of the best handheld consoles in history... until ZX came out on 3DS and no one played it! See, this is why we never got a Mega Man Legends 3!

Starring: Omega Red (Zero); Ciel Team Six (Ciel); CTE (Fighting Fefnir); Pretty Fly for a White Guy (Sage Harpuia); Murmaider (Fairy Leviathan); Sasuke (Hidden Phantom); So, Are the Bangs a Part of the Hat or, Like, the Helmet? [Hair Helmet] (Elpizo); Mega Man Note Ten (Copy-X); Commander Craft Macaroni and Cheese (Craft); Dr. Lava Lamp (Dr. Weil); Mad Lib Animals (Mechaniloids); and Digibomb: Digital Bombers (Cyber Elves).

Mega Man Kaizo


The honest title for Mega Man Zero was 'Mega Man Kaizo.'

Wait, so, I know the series is called "Rockman Zero" in Japan. Is that why they're so hard? Thanks, folks; I'll be here all week. Please tip your waitresses.

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Please say: "One of these days, I will be noticed by Honest-senpai." - Chase Nuts

Please say: "Petco: where the pets go." - Brendan Lafferty

Will you say "everything changed when the fire nation attacked" - Evan Plays

Please say: "Farewell good hunter, may you find your worth in the waking world." - Predestined Atheist

Please say: "what is this? A center for ants?" - Nathan Searcey

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Honest Game Trailers - Mega Man Zero has a 96.9% approval rating from YouTube viewers.

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Honest game trailers mega man zero

Written by: Max Song, Andrew Bird and Spencer Gilbert

Edited by: Max Song

Production Coordinator: Ryan O'Toole

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