Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is the 275th episode of Fandom Games' comedy series Honest Game Trailers. It was written by Max Song, Andrew Bird, and Spencer Gilbert. It parodies the action-adventure video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. It was published on May 5, 2020, to coincide with Star Wars Day (May the 4th). It has been viewed over 100,000 times.

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A long time ago, in a console generation far, far away, in the era before Disney had enclosed the Star Wars franchise in its icy grip, you could still make a Star Wars game without a billion-dollar budget, and the franchise wasn't a divorcee child for the fandom to fight over, one game would rise up to meet the challenge of the times and rip off God of War, but with lightsabers.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Strap on the space suit of Starkiller, the edgy Sith apprentice of Darth Vader who holds his lightsaber behind him like he thinks he's Naruto, whose obvious character arc is to turn on his master despite killing half of the galaxy for him first, and who only realizes that this Darth Vader guy might be kind of a prick after the second time he betrays and tries to murder him, then takes advantage of the Catholic-style forgiveness of the Jedi to end the story as a hero instead of being taken to the galactic Hague to be tried for war crimes, in a narrative clearly designed to give you guilt-free access to Force Lightning some Jawas. I said "sorry", so this is Gucci in the eyes of Jedi Jesus! See you at the fire pyre, suckaaahs!

Warp through the galaxy of Force Unleashed, as your wizard daddy Stockholm syndromes you into wiping out the remaining Jedi by tearing your way through the game's many Star Wars-themed hallways, blasting open doorways and flinging objects left and right, and occasionally solving a puzzle where the answer is the same two powers you use the whole game, until you run into the next big setpiece or boss fight, or uncover a shiny cube of Force Points to level up your skills, in a stupid video-gamey way to quantify the Force that isn't any dumber than midi-chlorians. Uh, now let's be clear: these games are "action movie" dumb, not "prequel" dumb. At no point do you receive intel from the owner of a 1950's-style diner.

Dexter Jettster: (chuckles)

Choke your way through the endless combat of The Force Unleashed, where hordes of helpless goons constantly run at you while you casually hurl them one by one off ledges, or just Force Push them into each other to basically just bully them around the level, in a goofy Psi-Ops-style combat sandbox that barely forces you to swing your lightsaber for the first half of the game, until the enemies finally become immune to your airbending nonsense and start to meaningfully fight back, as the game becomes more challenging... aaand significantly less fun. Honestly, sometimes, difficulty is overrated; just give me a whole game of the opening where you're Darth Vader throwing Wookiees off cliffs.

Take down the game's many bosses in epic battles, where you'll hurl crates at your foes until their life bar depletes and then mash out a quick-time event to actually kill them, some of which are hilariously unfailable (Darth Vader continues to choke Kento Marek without any input from the player), or fight stiff lightsaber duels against the occasional Jedi that, aside from a couple of gimmicks, are way less interesting than any fight in Jedi Academy, a game that came out five years earlier, but at least adds some variety to a game largely about torturing stormtroopers. Seriously, like, 90% of your enjoyment of this game is going to be about how funny you think it is to do this to a guy. (Starkiller pulls a stormtrooper into a plasma barrier)

So light those sabers and May the 5th be with you -- because Disney managed to license a whole day -- with a game that, despite being clearly designed in a boardroom to appeal to teens, is still plenty of mindless fun, and is probably in the top 50% of Star Wars video games. They've got a lot of work to do to make up for Masters of Teräs Käsi...

Darth Vader: The Force was not strong with this one.

Starring: Crawling in My Skin (Sam Witwer as Galen Marek/Starkiller); Hot Fascist GF (Nathalie Cox as Juno Eclipse); 50 Shades of Vader (Matt Sloan as Darth Vader); Palpatine Turned Himself Into a Clone It Was the Funniest Sh!t I've Ever Seen! (Sam Witwer as Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious); Quai (sic) Gone Blind (Cully Fredrickson as General Rahm Kota); Quintessential Homicidal Droid Partner (David W. Collins as PROXY); Jedi Master Munch (Larry Drake as Kazdan Paratus); Shaaktira Shaaktira (Susan Eisenberg as Shaak Ti); Sithlord Onlyfans (Adrienne Wilkinson as Maris Brood); This is a Lovely Room of Death (Tom Kane as Captain Ozzik Sturn); and RIP to a Real One (Catherine Taber as Princess Leia Organa).

The Force and the Furious


The honest title for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was 'The Force and the Furious.'

Uh, we would get into the sequel about the clones and how bad it was, but Disney did our job for us and wiped it off the face of the planet.

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Say "You can't just shoot a hole in the surface of Mars." - RazorBeak

"The longer the Icon of Sin is on Earth, the stronger it becomes." - Monsterman 1315

Say: "If it bleeds, we can kill it" - KcHeat17

Please say: "This is not your grave, but you are welcome in it." - D B

Continue the chanting with "I have created over a thousand blades" - Wasin Ruangprachya

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Honest Game Trailers - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has a 95.3% approval rating from YouTube viewers.

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Honest game trailers star wars the force unleashed

Written by: Max Song, Andrew Bird and Spencer Gilbert

Edited by: Max Song

Production Coordinator: Ryan O'Toole

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