Honest Trailers - Robin Hood (2018) is the 285th episode of Screen Junkies comedy series Honest Trailers. It was written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr and Lon Harris. It was narrated by Jon Bailey as Epic Voice Guy. It parodies the 2018 action-adventure reboot film Robin Hood. The video is 4 minutes 52 seconds long. It was published on March 5, 2019, shortly after the film's digital/Blu-ray release. It has been viewed over 1.1 million times.

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"Set in the Nordstrom Rack era of England where crossbows are rapid-fire machine guns and archers sneak around like SEAL Team Six." ~ Honest Trailers - Robin Hood (2018)

Script Edit

Jon Bailey: From the studio (Lionsgate) that combined hot actors with archery, to create a hit phenomenon (The Hunger Games), comes a movie that combines hot actors with archery to make... also... a movie.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood has been Flynn (1938), foxy (1973), feathery (1991), funny (1993), and bad (2010). Now, he’s back with an all-new twist: this time he’s played by that guy from Kingsman that you liked, and... nope, that’s it.

Strap in as this prince of thieves takes on The Sheriff of Nottingham, played by the current MVP of menacing bad guys, Ben Mendelsohn (Orson Krennic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Nolan Sorrento in Ready Player One and Neville Love in Starred Up).

The Sheriff: "Get me through that Goddamn fire!"

The Sheriff: "Out!!!"

The Sheriff: "I will burn their s*** slums to the ground!"

The Sheriff: "Now I'm going to boil you in your own piss!"

But, Robin...

Robin: "I’m Rob."

Sorry. "Rob" has backup. Like Jamie Foxx’s John. Who’s only called John because foreign names are hard.

John: "Yahya Ibm Umar."

Rob: "Yoghiab.... Yaghibn... Yakhn-"

John: "Please, no more."

A Friar Tuck who thinks he’s in the Mel Brooks version,

Friar: "There’s been a rather minor incident."

A Will Scarlet that’s also here, and Marian, the woman that Robin wants to spin around with for the rest of his life. (Shows clip of Marian and Rob spinning). You know, there are a TON of merry men that never end up in the movies, guys. There’s... Gilbert Whitehand (Gylberte Wyth the Whyte Hande), The Scotchman (Scot). Where my Reynold Greenleaf (Reynode Grenelef) fans at? Come on! Anybody? Oo-de-lally, I’m lonely.

Journey to an all new Nottingham, set in the Nordstrom Rack era of England, where crossbows are rapid-fire machine guns and archers sneak around like SEAL Team Six. But after you forget what you think you know...

Robin: "Forget what you think you know."

Uh, yeah. I said that! There’s plenty of stuff that you already knew from the other Robin Hood’s like: Robin having a cool black friend; Robin being a disgraced lord; the baddie having a wacky sidekick; and a creepy religious figure lurking in the background.

Cardinal: "We will have absolute power!"

Witch (from Robin Hood: Men in Tights): "If you want certain, hire yourself a witch, I‘m just your cook."

So... did you tell me to forget what I know because you already knew what I know and knew you didn’t have anything new? Because you’ve just replaced what I knew with a version of what I already knew that I‘d like to forget. You know?

But, this is not just a boring copy of every Robin Hood movie you’ve seen. it’s also the worst version of every Batman you’ve seen (show comparisons of Robin Hood with the same premise of Batman Begins).

Enemy: Where is he? Where’d he go?

Because this Robin Hood is also a rich young man that trained in a distant land, who returned home to fight in justice as a masked vigilante, helps his social activist girlfriend protect the slums, hits a secret identity speed bump in his love life...

Rachel Dawes: "This is your mask."

Marian: "Loxley is the disguise."

...inspires a repressed population to rise up against a villain, and twist the guy dating his ex into... I dunno. Some kind of a Two-Face? Awhh come on! They even steal from CW’s Arrow!

Man (from Arrow): "It’s the Hood!"

Lucas Hilton (from Arrow): "We still found arrows on the scene. Solid evidence the Hood was there."

And that’s a show, THAT WAS ALREADY ABOUT AN ARCHER THAT WAS STEALING FROM BATMAN!!! Lord Loxley, you have failed this franchise.

So take aim with this wannabe franchise starter, that missed the target by creating a cool fantasy world and filling it with a boring story. Resulting in one of the biggest flops of 2018 (CINEMA BLEND website reads ”Why Robin Hood May Be The Biggest Movie Flop Of 2018”). Which probably pumped the brakes on the other six Robin Hood movies also in development. (NME website reads ” ’Robin Hood’ is set for seven reboots“) Wait. SEVEN?! (Article highlight: "Margot Robbie was recently announced to star in movie about Maid Marian") Margot Robbie is Maid Marian? (Article highlight: "Robin Hood And The Prince Of Aragon") What the heck is a Prince of Aragon? (Article highlight: "Robin Hood 2058") Robin Hood 2058? Okay. I would totally watch Robin Hood 2058.

Starring: Bro And Arrows (Taron Egerton as Robin Hood); We Take Their Money! For Those In Neeeed (Jamie Foxx as Little John); Alexandria Ocasio-Corset (Eve Hewson as Lady Marian); 2 Shades of Face (Jamie Dornan as Will Scarlet); Alan Prickman (Ben Mendelsohn as The Sheriff of Nottingham); Fryre Fest (Tim Minchin as Friar Tuck); and Robin Hood’s Mask Falling Off. (Shows clips of Robin Hood’s mask falling off repeatedly).

Robin Hood: "How did you know it was me?" [Marion pulls down Robin's mask]

It wasn’t hard!

Honest Trailers - Robin Hood (2018) 4-22 screenshot

The honest title for Robin Hood (2018) was "Robin Hood: Man, It Bites." Titles designed by Robert Holtby.

Robin Hood: Man, It Bites

You know how dumb this movie is? We didn’t even mention how Robin answers the door to his own giant castle to get a draft notice for the Crusades!

Trivia Edit

Honest Trailers Commentary - Robin Hood (2018)

Honest Trailers Commentary - Robin Hood (2018)

  • Writer/producer Dan Murrell advocated for making this Honest Trailer. Because Robin Hood (2018) was such a financial flop, it was anticipated that this Honest Trailer wouldn't be a huge view-getter. However, Dan believed Robin Hood (2018) was precisely the kind of film that the Honest Trailers series was made for: it was a big budget reboot that no one asked for; it was based on an IP that has been adapted multiple times beforehand; the movie has no new take on the material; it features numerous historical inaccuracies; and it's incredibly derivative of other movies, especially Batman.
  • The Honest Trailers writers predict that in a few years, this version of "Robin Hood" by Otto Bathurst will be entirely forgotten. Dan Murrell wanted to make its Honest Trailer for posterity, lest anyone never know that such an abysmal film really existed.
  • In the Honest Trailer Commentary, writer Lon Harris revealed he was especially irritated by the film's numerous historical inaccuracies especially: the fact that Robin's estate is entirely devoid of servants; the fact that Robin is issued a draft notice to go the crusades; the fact that a Friar is depicted taking confession; and the fact that Robin's estate is left empty and unworked for four years.
  • Screen Junkies have made numerous other Honest Trailers for reboots, including Man of Steel, Planet of the Apes (2001), Power Rangers (2017), Star Trek (2009), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014), The Amazing Spider-Man, Batman Begins, Ghostbusters (2016), Godzilla (2014) and many others. See list of Honest Trailers for more.

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Reception Edit

Honest Trailers- Robin Hood (2018) has a 98.7% approval rating from YouTube viewers. Numerous media critics observed that Otto Bathurst's Robin Hood (2018) would have been totally forgotten, were it not for this Honest Trailer. Oh No They Didn't claimed that no one remembered that Robin Hood (2018) even existed, except for the Honest Trailers team: "Remember how a big budget retelling of Robin Hood came out last November? No? Screen Junkies remembers and made an Honest Trailer of why it flopped hard."

Kaila Hale-Stern of The Mary Sue wrote that she, too, had forgotten about the existence of Robin Hood (2018), but noted "If, like me, you never actually saw the movie, this clever take from perennial fave Honest Trailers does a good job of covering why Robin Hood couldn’t win." Several websites, including The Mary Sue and Slash Film, highlighted Screen Junkies' jab at the film's setting in "the Nordstrom Rack era of England."

MOE Lane noted that the Honest Trailer convinced them that "none of us missed much" by skipping Robin Hood (2018). Joey Paur of Geek Tyrant echoed this sentiment, writing "it doesn’t look like I missed out on much. This video pretty told me everything that I need to know."

Production credits Edit

Honest trailer robin hood 2018

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey

Title Design: Robert Holtby

Written by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr, Lon Harris

Produced by Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell, Joe Starr & Max Dionne

Edited by Kevin Williamsen

Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand

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