Wonder Woman is the 216th episode of Screen Junkies comedy series Honest Trailers. It was written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell and Andy Signore. It was narrated by Jon Bailey as Epic Voice Guy. It parodies the 2017 DC superhero film Wonder Woman. It was published on September 19, 2017, to coincide with the release of the film on home video and Blu-ray. It is 5 minutes 41 seconds long. It has been viewed over 5.4 million times

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"Patty Jenkins bravely asks the question, what if a female-lead superhero movie wasn't absolute garbage from beginning to end and had a powerful message for girls?" ~ Honest Trailers - Wonder Woman

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From the studio known for confusing length with depth, complexity with intelligence, and self-absorbed downers with heroism (DC Films, a division of DC Comics and a subsidiary of Warner Bros.), the DCEU pulls up its biggest success yet by --- not doing those things:

Wonder Woman

After Supergirl, Catwoman and Elektra, studios doubted a female led superhero movie could succeed. Now Patty Jenkins bravely asks the question: What if a female superhero movie wasn't absolute garbage from beginning to end? And had a powerful message for girls: save the world look flawless doing it, be a literal God then men might begrudgingly half tolerate your presence? (Colonel Darnell: Sir, if this woman can read it, we should hear what she has to say. General Haig: Yes, very well.). Woo-hoo. Progress.

Settle in for an origin story about the Greek Gods inside an origin story for Wonder Woman inside an origin story for World War II (Sir Patrick Morgan: The Armistice is of paramount importance). And visit The-mys-cira? The-Miss-Korea? The-Emmys-Year? Visit Xena: Warrior Island, a society of women trained from birth to cover for Gal Gadot's accent (Antiope: In the event of an invasion. Hippolyta: This belong to the greatest warrior in our history. Philippus: You need to tell us now. Diana: Yes, but Ares is behind that corruption). These Amazons have been preparing their whole lives to fight the God of War, Ares, and you can bet then when war reaches their shores, they'll get wrecked by German teams with bolt-action rifles. Hmm, maybe send out a scout once every 500 years or at least deploy some of your invisible jets. I know you have 'em.

Meet Diana, a girl never actually referred to as Wonder Woman. She's the hero the DCEU doesn't deserve, but sure as hell needs right now. She's optimistic, confident, iron-willed, vulnerable, uncompromising and just so hot. I can say that, right? I mean I don't wanna come off like James Cameron 'cuz it's definitely not the only thing she's got going for her, but damn. She's stronger, faster, and smarter than the men around her, but every superhero has a kryptonite and hers is not knowing jack about anything ( Diana: War? What war? Steve Trevor: It's a watch. Tells time? Diana: What for? Diana: Why are they holding hands? Diana: What do these women wear into battle? Diana: Does the average man not sleep? Diana: What is a secretary? Diana: At the front? Front of what? Diana: Marriage?) You speak a hundred languages; you know what marriage means.

Experience this groundbreaking superhero movie - but not so groundbreaking that they didn't put one of the bankable Hollywood Chrises in it. Chris Pine surprises and delights in a performance that gives him his first lead in The Great Hollywood Chris Off. But he's more than just eye candy; he's Diana's emotional support, a voice of caution, and a love interest in constant need of rescue. Hey! They gave him the role women always have to play against the male superheroes, didn't they? I see what you did there.

In a film with two grounded complex leads, cringe at villains pulled from a different, much campier movie (Dr Maru: But the mask won't help. Ludendorff: They don't know that. [both laugh maniacally]), that seems to forget the Germans in World War I were not the Nazis (Steve Trevor: I'm one of the good guys and those are the bad guys), and seriously expects us to buy this human milk thistle as the God of War, and implies that Wonder Woman kept her head down for all of Hitler and Stalin, but did suit up the moment Lex Luthor made a Ninja Turtle. You know what? I'm sorry for even bringing BvS into this. Let's just let this one stand on its own.

So get ready for a film about balancing the good and bad in all of us, that contains good and bad within itself. In this flawed but important movie that's no less important for having flaws. Is it an inspirational, well-made film that finally gives women a superhero o be proud of? Yes. Does it end with a lightning hands mustache man yelling video-game level dialogue (Diana: And I believe in love. Ares: THEN I WILL DESTROY YOU!). Also yes.

Starring: [Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman] Amazon Prime; [Chris Pine as Steve Trevor] Want to Touch the Piney; [Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta] Also the Queen in Gladiator; [Robin Wright as Antiope] Princess Cut-her-up; [Danny Huston as Luddenorff] Oooh Party Boy; [David Thewlis as Sir Patrick Morgan] Would you, uh, err, hmm, apologies (Embarrassed British Noises); [Ewen Bremner as Charlie] A Drunk Scotsman; [Said Taghamoui as Sameer] A Sneaky Frenchman; [Eugene Brave Rock as Chief] A Wise Old Indian Guide; [All three of them together] What are these guys? The Howlin' Stereotypes?; [Lucy Davis as Etta] Pam Beasly- I mean Dawn Tinsley; [Elena Anaya as Dr Maru] Dun dun dun dun dun duh (The Phantom of the Opera); and [Battle scenes shot in slow motion] Snyder vision.

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Honest Title for Wonder Woman - A Justice League of Her Own. Titles designed by Robert Holtby.

A Justice League Of Her Own

Charlie: Maybe you're better off without me, yeah?

Diana: No, Charlie. Who will sing for us?

Umm, your friend clearly has PTSD.

Charlie: (screaming in his sleep) DON'T GO IN THERE!

Let him go home.

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Honest Trailer Commentaries - Wonder Woman

Honest Trailer Commentaries - Wonder Woman

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Honest Trailers - Wonder Woman has a 95.6% approval rating from YouTube viewers. USA Today noted that this Honest Trailer had an "only-slightly-critical tone" and that Screen Junkies "they play pretty nice" with Wonder Woman. Buzzfeed made the same observation, writing "considering how much Screen Junkies has torn movies apart in the past, their Wonder Woman trailer is kind of...really nice?" Movieweb described the Honest Trailer was a "loving takedown" that "should please lovers of the movie and DCEU haters alike." In the same article, Movieweb said the Wonder Woman "isn't without its problems" and Screen Junkies' criticisms of the movie's villain and third act were "not wrong." commended the Honest Trailer for "acknowledging all the aspects that deserve praise in Patty Jenkins’ record-breaking movie, such as its important message, the video pulls no punches when ripping into the film’s flaws." also appreciated the Honest Trailer's comment that "the DC Extended Universe finally nails a film that critics universally liked" and agreed with Screen Junkies that it made not sense for Wonder Woman to sit out major 20th Century conflicts.

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Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey

Title design by Robert Holtby

Series Created by Andy Signore & Brett Weiner

Executive Producer - Andy Signore

Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Max Dionne

Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell & Andy Signore

Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker

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