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Thumbnail for the video Honest Anime Trailers - Bleach. Honest Trailers Anime is one of two Honest Trailers spinoff shows.

The Honest Trailers series has spawned two spinoff series: Honest Game Trailers and Honest Trailers Anime. Honest Game Trailers commenced in 2014 with the episode "Mario Kart" and is produced by the channel Smosh Games. Over 220 episodes of Honest Game Trailers have been released. The series is currently in production and published on the YouTube channel Fandom Games.

Honest Trailers Anime commenced in 2017 with the episode "Naruto" and was produced exclusively for the paid subscription service Screen Junkies Plus. At least 10 episodes of Honest Trailers Anime were produced. The series is not currently in production.

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The first episode of long-running spinoff series Honest Game Trailers was Mario Kart.

Honest Game Trailers is a weekly comedy web series that humorously reviews games. It is a spinoff of the original Honest Trailers series. Honest Game Trailers was collaboration between Screen Junkies and Smosh Games, which, at the time of the series' conception, were owned by the same parent company, Defy Media Like Honest Trailers, Honest Game Trailers is primarily narrated by Jon Bailey. The first episode was Mario Kartpublished on March 8, 2014. Since 2014, over 220 episodes of Honest Game Trailers have been produced. The series is currently published on YouTube channel Fandom Games.

For more information, visit the Honest Game Trailers page. See also list of Honest Game Trailers for links to pages about individual episodes.

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Honest Trailers Anime - Naruto

Honest Trailers Anime - Naruto

The first episode of the short-lived spinoff series Honest Trailers Anime was Naruto.

Honest Trailers Anime was a comedy web series that parodied anime series. The series is a spinoff of the original Honest Trailers and was created by Andy Signore. Like Honest Trailers, Honest Trailers Anime was narrated by Jon Bailey. Honest Trailers Anime was produced for the Screen Junkies Plus paid subscription service. At least 10 episodes of the series were produced in 2017, the first being Naruto. The series is not currently in production, however many episode are available exclusively on the Screen Junkies Facebook page.

For more information, including a list of all episodes, visit the Honest Trailers Anime page.

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