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"Honest Fictions" is an example of an Honest Trailers fan fiction. It consists of a series of fan-made Honest Trailers scripts written about existing My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan fiction stories.

The Honest Trailers series has become the subject of multiple works of fan fiction and other fan-made copies . Honest Trailers fan works falls into three main categories: videos/scripts that apply the Honest Trailers format to new movies or shows; fictional characters reacting to real Honest Trailers; and real person fiction about the creators of Honest Trailers. Hundreds of Honest Trailers/Screen Junkies fan works are known to exist - mostly fan-made videos that apply the format to new subject matter including animation, comics, books, plays, foreign-language films, phones, board games, weddings, anniversaries, and even a church!

The most well-known and successful Honest Trailers fan work is the series Honest Anime Trailers, which has several episodes that have been viewed over 1 million times. Screen Junkies later produced an official series Honest Trailers Anime, seemingly in response to the success of the fan-made series.

This page is incomplete. However, it does provide a sample of the range of fan-made Honest Trailers that have been published.

Fan art Edit


An example of fan-made artwork for the fan-made series "Honest Comic Trailers." Credit: JK(Zi-O)

Many Honest Trailers fans create fan art to show their appreciation for the series, for example artists who create Honest-Trailers-thumbnail-style images for Honest Trailers they would like to see, for example this Deviant Art page. The fan-made series Honest Comic Trailers incorporates Honest-Trailers-thumbnail-style images into their series.

The Honest Trailers logo is easily found in a Google Image search, so making this style of fan art is relatively easy.

The Honest Trailer meme Edit

The Honest Trailer meme was created by Deviantart user Liketheisland in 2016, based on the 'starring' section of Honest Trailers. It resembles a film strip with blank photo cells. Users are encouraged to insert their own pictures in the cells and add humorous names, culminating with an honest title. Several Deviantart users have applied the meme to their original fanfic characters, for example: MC-Animated, Liketheisland, and Bizarre-Rubiks-Cube.

Fan-made Honest Trailers videos Edit

Honest Anime Trailers Edit

Sword art online

The most successful Honest Trailers fan work is the fan-made series "Honest Anime Trailers." This is the fan-made artwork for the episode "Sword Art Online" which has been viewed over 1.5 million times on YouTube. Credit: Emina.

The most well-known Honest Trailers fan works are the dozens of fan-made Honest Trailers videos for anime series. At least three YouTube channels have published fan-made Honest Trailers about anime series. The most notable is the series Honest Anime Trailers (not to be confused with the official Screen Junkies-made series, Honest Trailers Anime), made by the Anime Paradise channel. In 2015, the creator of the fan-made series wrote: "Honest Anime Trailers is a cheap mimic of Screen Junkies Honest Movie Trailers...I know it's far from deserving the Honest style name but since Screen Junkies doesn't seem to touch the anime department anytime soon, I took upon myself to start mimicking their style even though it is crystal clear that it isn't good enough." Screen Junkies got into a copyright dispute with Anime Paradise and the channel de-listed all the videos.

These fan-made videos have attracted substantial views, for example, Sword Art Online, Naruto, Fairy Tail and Attack on Titan have all been viewed over 1 million times. This is more than several official Honest Trailers.

List of fan-made Honest Anime Trailers videos Edit

In 2017, most of these anime series were made into official episodes of Screen Junkies' series Honest Trailers Anime, released on the paid subscription service Screen Junkies Plus.

Other fan-made Honest Trailers videos Edit

As far as the writers of this wiki know, none of these fan-made Honest Trailers have faced copyright issues. However, virtually all of them include clear disclaimers stating that they are not associated with Screen Junkies' brand. Additionally, all of the following videos have low view-counts.

Honest Book Trailers Edit

Another example of fan-made Honest Trailers videos are the various Honest Book Trailers, for example

Fan-made Honest Trailers for personal events Edit

Some people have applied the Honest Trailers format to events in their personal life such as weddings and anniversaries.

Fan-made Honest Trailers for Screen Junkies shows Edit

Screen Junkies fans have also applied the Honest Trailers format to several Screen Junkies shows including Movie Fights[1] and Honest Trailers Commentaries.[2]

Fan-made Honest Trailers scripts Edit

Dozens of text-based fanfics have been published using the Honest Trailers format. Unlike some fan-made videos, these written works have not been the subject of copyright disputes with Screen Junkies. The writers of these fics focus on media that Screen Junkies has not tackled, especially animated TV shows and comic books.

Some of these fan-made Honest Trailers were created in coordinated writing groups, for example, in 2015, Honest Fictions was a writing group set up in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fan fiction community. Writers wrote "Honest Trailers" for existing My Little Pony fan fiction stories.

List of fan-made Honest Trailers scripts Edit

Fan-made Honest Comic Trailers Edit

From 2016-2018, JK(Zi-O) published 18 "Honest Comic Trailers" scripts via Each script also includes fan art designed to resemble and Honest Trailers logo. They can be viewed here.

List of fan-made Honest Comic Trailers scripts Edit

Fan-made Honest Trailers remakes Edit

Fan remakes are Honest Trailers scripts re-written by dissatisfied fans of the series.

Character reaction fiction Edit

Character reaction fiction involves characters reacting to real Honest Trailers. These fics replicate the script of the Honest Trailer verbatim, with added commentary and dialogue. This genre of fanfic is a subset of stories where fictional characters react to the real-world books/movies/shows featuring their characters.

List of Honest Trailers character reaction fiction works Edit

Real person fiction Edit

Joe starr fanfic

In 2016, Honest Trailers writer Joe Starr encouraged fanfiction about Screen Junkies.

Sites like doesn't allow fiction about real people, also known as real person fiction or RPF. However, a few RPF fics about the Screen Junkies hosts have been posted to Reddit. They're mostly examples of slash fiction and include sexual content.

Joe marc

In 2016, Joe Starr and Marc Andreyko reacted positively to the slash fiction written about them

The Screen Junkies hosts used to encourage fan fiction, including real person fan fiction. For example, in a May 2016 episode of SJU, they asked for viewers to send fan fiction to them. The hosts have also read fan fiction out loud during their shows, and referred to fan fiction written about them several times. For example, in the December 2016 episode of Movie Fights, Joe Starr and Marc Andreyko mentioned a slash fiction that was written about them:[3]

Joe Starr: Super excited to be here with my internet boyfriend, Marc Andreyko.
Marc Andreyko: The slash fiction has been great. Keep it coming.
Joe Starr: Keep it coming. It's what kinda gets up warmed up in the evening.

List of Screen Junkies real person fiction works Edit

List of references Edit

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