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Editor and writer Max Song appears on Movie Fights in 2017.

Max Song
is an editor, writer and former director of Honest Game Trailers. Max is a key contributor to Honest Game Trailers has been editing and writing on the series since 2015. His first editing credit is on Honest Game Trailers - Lego Marvel Super Heroes and his first writing credit is on Honest Game Trailers - Fallout 3. In total, Max has contributed to over 250 episodes of Honest Game Trailers. Max also appeared in the panel discussion web series Honest Game Trailers Commentaries which was published on the paid subscription service Screen Junkies Plus. In addition, Max contributed to Honest Trailers Anime as both writer and editor.

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Max song

Max Song appears in and episode of Honest Game Trailers Commentaries.

Max appeared in two episodes of Screen Junkies' pop culture debating web series Movie Fights: as a competitor in 2017 and as a judge in the 2018 Movie Fights Live Extravaganza benefiting the charity Women in Film. Max also appeared in an episode of TV Fights and 3 episodes of Gamer Fights. In 2016, Max appeared in three episodes of the gaming video series Game Bang on Smosh Games. In other work, Max was production designer on the 2017 short film Dave.

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