Screen junkies crowd extravaganza

Screen Junkies employees and regular guests assemble on the office balcony during the 2018 Movie Fights Live Extravaganza.

This is a list of the notable figures of the Screen Junkies channel on YouTube. Most of the people listed below have on-screen roles, including as hosts and narrators. Screen Junkies also employs multiple off-screen people including editors, social media managers, and producers.

Presenters Edit

Presenter Notes
Roth Cornet Editor-in-chief of Fandom Entertainment and host of SJU.
Billy Business Senior Producer of Screen Junkies and Fandom Entertainment. Producer of Movie Fights.
Dan Murrell Former writer and producer for Honest Trailers, former host of Charting With Dan and SJU.
Spencer Gilbert Head writer and producer of Honest Trailers, host of Honest Trailers Commentaries and SJU.
Joe Starr Writer and producer of Honest Trailers, and host of SJU.
Danielle Radford Writer for Honest Trailers, co-host of Movie Fights and SJU.
Lon Harris Writer for Honest Trailers, and writer/researcher for Movie Fights.
Roxy Striar Former host of TV Fights, regular panelist on SJU.
Ed Greer Contestant on Movie Fights, and regular panelist on SJU.
Hal Rudnick Host of The Screen Junkies Show and Movie Fights.
Andy Signore Co-creator of Honest Trailers, former host of Movie Fights, former boss of Screen Junkies and former Senior Vice President of Content at Defy Media. 

Narrators Edit

Narrator Notes
Jon Bailey Voice actor For Epic Voice Guy, main narrator of Honest Trailers.
Ptolemy Slocum The first narrator. Narrated one episode of Honest Trailers.
Gannon Nickell Narrated 12 episodes of Honest Trailers.
Dough Medlock Narrated one episode of Honest Trailers.
Mark Peeples Narrated some episodes of Honest Game Trailers, commencing 2019.

Fictional Characters Edit

Character Notes
Epic Voice Guy The fictional character who narrates Honest Trailers.
The Alan raptor An easter egg originally derived from the film Jurassic Park 3.


Writer Notes
List of Honest Trailers writers Contains short descriptions of the 45+ people who have received writing credits on Honest Trailers. This page includes Honest Trailers co-creator Brett Weiner.
Max Song Writer and editor of Honest Game Trailers.
Andrew Bird Writer for Honest Game Trailers.

Other collaborators Edit

Collaborator Notes
Robert Holtby Holtby is a motion graphics artist who designs the Honest titles for all episodes of Honest Trailers.
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