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Ptolemy Slocum narrated two Honest Trailers, but he is best-known for appearing in Westworld.

Ptolemy Slocum is an actor who was the first Honest Trailers narrator. He narrated the first Honest Trailer ever: Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace 3D. This was his only appearance as sole narrator. The producers of Honest Trailers felt that Ptolemy Slocum's voice was funny, but not quite right as a "trailer voice." Slocum later re-appeared in the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Honest Trailer, alongside other former narrators like Gannon Nickell and Dough Medlock, as well as current narrator Jon Bailey.

Slocum has appeared in many acting roles. His first film role was as Ron in Hitch (2005). After this, he appeared in guest spots in many well-known TV series, such as The SopranosThe Wire, FringeBurn NoticeHow I Met Your MotherCriminal Minds, and others. More recently, he played Sylvester the creepy lab technician in Westworld, Tibor in Inhumans, and Doc Greeley in iZombie. Visit his IMDb page, Wikipedia page and Twitter profile for more information.

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