The "stares" joke sometimes appears in an Honest Trailer's 'starring' section, like in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in which the gag also mocked the agency's unwieldy acronym.

Stares is a running joke in the Honest Trailers comedy series. The joke involves adding overly dramatic music to a montage of mundane, repeated shots from a movie. The joke originated in the 2012 Honest Trailer for the first Twilight film, in which overly dramatic music was played over a supercut of the characters staring at each other. The "stares" joke has been used in several other Honest Trailers including The X-Men Trilogy and Godzilla (2014)

A variation on "stares" is "flares," in which the same overly dramatic music is played over a montage of lens flares in the Star Trek reboot films. The joke has been used more than ten times, mostly between 2012 and 2014.

In general, the stares joke was well-received by media critics. For example, in their review of the Honest Trailer for Breaking Dawn, MTV wrote the Honest Trailer was "hilarious" and the funniest part was the stares montage.

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Chappell music - Great Ambitions (Heroic Anthemic Dramatic Rock Trailer Score)

Chappell music - Great Ambitions (Heroic Anthemic Dramatic Rock Trailer Score)

The "stares" song: Great Ambition by Chappell music

The "stares/flares" song called "Great Ambition" (sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Great Ambitions") released by the company Chappell music. It is a 2000s-style medium tempo anthemic rock song combining rock instruments and strings. "Great Ambition" is from the 2009 album World 24, which consists of instrumental tracks of various styles and moods, designed to be used in ads, video games, etc.

Composers: Andy Britton & David Goldsmith 

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The Twilight Saga- Just The Stares

The Twilight Saga- Just The Stares

Screen Junkies' "The Twilight Saga: Just the Stares" supercut.

Screen Junkies also made an epic 26 minute supercut called "The Twilight Saga: Just the Stares." The video is a montage of every shot of characters staring (without voiceover or dialogue) from all five Twilight films, accompanied by the song "Great Ambition" played on repeat.

Dan Murrell was given the job of watching all five Twilight films to make the supercut.

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